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How To Get Rid Of A Broken Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinets are meant to last for decades. However, there are circumstances that could ruin them extensive before they are meant to deteriorate. Particular accidents, for example, may greatly damage various areas of the cabinet.

Exterior double doors are available in various models and also materials. They are made from wood, fiberglass or steel.

Now, if your cabinet gets broken, you will be provided with two choices: to replace the cabinet with a new unit or to fix it. The first choice is obviously easier. Economically speaking, however, repairing a broken cabinet can be a better choice.

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There are many tips on how to fix a damaged cabinet, and these basically rely on the actual parts damaged and the level or degree of damage. A slightly broken cabinet is generally simpler to fix than a badly broken one. Damage to the smaller parts of the cabinet is also much easier to repair then damage on larger parts.

Problems on doors and hinges (ineffective swaying of doors, doors drooping on one side, etc.) are among the easiest to fix. Sometimes, tightening the hinge hanging screws easily resolves the problem. If this does not work, you may try replacing the hinge screws with larger and longer ones. If the screw holes or hanging locations already are badly damaged, you may try shifting the hinges to a different spot where the wood is stronger.

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Broken cabinet drawers will also be quite easy to repair, especially if they are simply jammed or jammed. Tapping the drawer slightly is often an effective way to pop the drawer slide returned in place. Often times, only the runners need to be replaced. In case the problem is with the slide, then one must determine whether the problem lies in the screw holding the slide or the slide itself. In case one or more screws holding the slide have slipped out, then replacing the screws can fix the problem. But if the slide itself is already damaged, you don't have much option but to replace the slide with a new one.

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A damaged cabinet frame or damaged cabinet wood probably needs the most work. In case the damage is minor and on a part which is not too exposed, you can just re-assemble the broken pieces and keep them combined with wood glue. For more severe damage, one can possibly replace the large piece of wood that is damaged with a newly cut part of the same wood species. An alternative is to apply an epoxy wood repair kit to seal the broken area.

The following are some simple, low-cost tips to create your home more environmentally friendly. Creating a green home and life style starts with generating eco home upgrades.

So in the case your kitchen or washroom cabinet is broken, assess the damage first before changing the cabinet with a new unit. If the damage is minor, then you can save a lot if you fix it rather than buying new ones.

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